Common Behaviors and Symptoms in Children with Mental Health Disorders:

  • Problems across a variety of settings, such as at school, at home, or with peers
  • Social withdrawal, isolation, separation anxiety, constant worry, or fearful behavior toward things the child is normally not afraid of
  • Behaviors returning to those of a younger age (regressing), like bedwetting, throwing tantrums, becoming clingy, thumb-sucking, etc.
  • Increased sadness, tearfulness, irritability, angry outbursts, or other mood changes
  • Poor school performance, increased absences from school, or avoidance of school
  • Hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, disorganization, etc.
  • Persistent boredom, apathy, lack of motivation, and lost interest in activities the child once enjoyed
  • Frequent complaints of physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomachaches
  • Sleep changes like sleeping too much or too little, nightmares, sleepwalking, low energy, tiredness during the day
  • Increased/decreased appetite, changes in food consumption, preoccupation with weight or physical appearance, binging, purging, or restricting diet
  • Decreased concern about appearance, diminished self-care and grooming
  • Distorted thinking, odd body movements, acting overly suspicious of others, seeing or hearing things that others don’t see or hear
  • Increased environmental stressors, including trauma, being the victim of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse, the illness or death of a loved one, or being the victim of bullying or peer pressure
  • Increased risk-taking and self-destructive behavior, such as rebelling against authority, head-banging, cutting or other self-injury, substance use, inappropriate sexual behavior, physical violence or bullying others, playing with unsafe items, destructive behavior, or repeatedly putting themselves in risky situations
  • Repeated thoughts of death, prior suicide attempts, comments about not wanting to be alive or going to sleep and never waking up

About Ms. Maurer

My name is Sarah Maurer and I am working to complete licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor. I provide school-linked mental health services to Kimball’s Kindergarten through 12th Grade students. These services include individual and family therapy, group therapy, diagnostic assessments, mental health consultation, and care coordination with Special Education Service providers, school staff, county workers and medical professionals.

I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and young adults who experience challenges with managing their emotions and behavior. I use a client centered approach to meet my clients where they are at while providing a collaborative and accepting environment for clients. I work as a team with my clients to help them feel empowered to overcome their problems. My areas of interest include self-esteem/self-worth, grief, addiction issues, trauma, attachment issues, healthy relationships, emotion regulation, assisting family systems, communication and self-efficacy. I have an integrated approach to therapy using the following modalities; interactive psychotherapy, sand therapy techniques, art therapy, trauma sensitive therapy and attachment therapy. My prior work experience includes chemical addiction counseling with adolescents, adults and families, in home individual and family therapy, play therapy and filial therapy training, skills work with adults and children, and residential direct support for people with disabilities.