As the school nurse, my greatest priority is keeping your child safe and healthy. In order to do this, I need your help. I cannot properly treat what I do not know. Please inform me of your child’s pertinent medical information and help me to create an Individual Health Plan (IHP) for your child. I also need to know how to reach you in case of an illness or emergency. Please keep your contact information updated. I must also follow rules set by the Minnesota State Legislature, Minnesota Department of Health, and the Kimball School Board in regards to immunizations and medication policies. Please see appropriate links for details.

There are many duties that I attend to as your child’s nurse.

I attend to:

  • first aid assessment and treatment
  • medication administration
  • vision and hearing screening
  • health education
  • Individual Health Plan development and implementation
  • early childhood screening

I love being your child’s nurse and will always do my best to make their school experience a positive one. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this possible.

Thank you

Student Health

Please call the school nurse or building secretary if you need assistance locating student health forms and information.