The District Advisory Committee formed in October 2014 as a requirement of the World's Best Workforce. The committee meets a minimum of three times each year. Topics discussed include curriculum, student testing, the district calendar, community survey results, and more.

The committee includes administration, staff, students, parents and community members.

All Kimball community members are invited to participate in the District Advisory Committee. Contact Superintendent Erik Widvey with questions: erik.widvey@kimball.k12.mn.us or 320-398-7700 x1332

Below is a tentative schedule of the topics discussed at District Advisory meetings. Whenever possible, meeting time is reserved for committee-directed topics.

October MeetingJanuary MeetingApril Meeting
  1. Purpose of advisory committee
  2. Career and College Readiness
  3. Curriculum Review Process
  4. Strategic Plan
  5. Northstar Report
  6. WBWF
  1. School Readiness Goals
  2. Third grade students achieving grade-level literacy
  3. Close achievement gap
  4. All students graduate from H.S.
  5. Strategies and best practices
  1. Teacher/Principal evaluation system
  2. Graduation Requirements
  3. Stakeholder Survey