Baseball/Softball field Numbers

Congratulations Wrestlers placing at State! 
Gavin Winter-5th, Alex Nelson-6th, Zack Holtz-6th, Ashton Hanan-6th

Congratulations Kimball Wrestlers!

11 Placed at Individual Sections and 6 move on to State! 

Results: 106 Jack Bollman-5th, 113 William Serbus-5th, 126 Gavin Winter-1st, 132 Alex Nelson-1st, 145 Brett Schiefelbein-5th, 152 Zack Holtz-1st, 160 Austin Donnay-2nd, 170 Ashton Hanan-1st, 182 Carter Holtz-1st, 195 Nick Bowen-3rd, 220 Ace Meyer-6th. 

Heading to State: Gavin Winter, Carter Holtz, Austin Donnay, Alex Nelson, Zack Holtz, Ashton Hanan. 

Congratulations Cailyn Kuechle CMC Athlete of the week for 

Feb. 10-14

 In a victory last week Cailyn scored 21 points, hitting 5 three pointers and added 7 rebounds. 


Name: Cailyn Kuechle

School: Kimball

Grade: Senior

Sport: Basketball

Position: Guard

 Varsity Wrestling Wins

50th Wins: Gavin Winter, Cody Leither, Alex Nelson, Ashton Hanan, Austin Donnay

75 Wins: Carter Holtz, Gavin Winter, Alex Nelson

125 Wins: Zack Holtz


Varsity Wrestling Pin Achievement

Carter Holtz- 50 Pins

Zack Holtz- 75 Pins


The Iowa High School Athletic Association this week confirmed that aggressive parents and adults are the biggest threat to the health of youth and high school sports.

IHSAA has published the following guidelines for parents and fans when attending sporting events:

1. Act your age."You are, after all, an adult. Act in a way that makes your family and school proud."

2. Don’t live vicariously through your children."High school sports are for them, not you. Your family’s reputation is not determined by how well your children perform on the field of play."

3. Let your children talk to the coach instead of doing it for them."High school athletes learn how to become more confident, independent and capable — but only when their parents don’t jump in and solve their problems for them."

4. Stay in your own lane."No coaching or officiating from the sidelines. Your role is to be a responsible, supportive parent, not a coach or official."

5. Remember: Participating in a high school sport is not about a college scholarship."According to the NCAA, only about 2% of all high school athletes are awarded a sports scholarship, and the average total value of that scholarship is only around $18,000."

6. Make sure your children know you love watching them play. "Do not critique your child’s performance on the car ride home. Participating in high school sports is about character development, learning and having fun — not winning and losing."

Video from the Parent Athlete Meeting Aug. 8, 2019

Schedules & Conference/Section Updates

Ever wonder how Sports schedules are made? Click here to learn how they are made and to learn about our NEW Conference and Section Updates!

Mark your Calendars: 

Mandatory Fall Sports Meeting scheduled for Aug. 13, 2020

MN State High School League Activities Start Dates:

Fall Athletics Start Dates Winter Athletics Start Dates
Spring Athletics Start Dates
Swimming Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Nov 18, 2019
Nov 11, 2019
Baseball Mar 9, 2020
Football Aug 17, 2020 Wrestling Nov 18, 2019 Softball Mar 9, 2020
Volleyball Aug 17, 2020 Gymnastics
Golf Mar 16, 2020
Cross Country Aug 17, 2020 Alpine Skiing Nov. 4 Parent Meeting Track Mar 9, 2020
JH Volleyball
JH Football
Aug 31, 2020
Aug 31, 2020
JH Girls BB
JH Boys BB
Jan 2, 2019
Oct 28, 2019
JH Softball
JH Baseball
Mar 30, 2020
Mar 30, 2020
Other Activities Start Dates
One Act Play Nov 18, 2019
SpeechDec. 9
Trap Shooting/Clay Target LeagueTBD
Fall Musical - TBD