Articulated College Credit Courses

We offer articulated college credits for the following courses:

  • Advanced Woods
  • Computer Applications I
  • Business Communications
  • Accounting
  • Personal Finance
  • Welding

What are articulated college credits?

By taking classes at Kimball High School, you have the opportunity to earn credits that will be accepted at a variety of colleges including St. Cloud Technical College (click HERE for a full list). Often, four-year universities will accept all or partial credits from an Articulated College Credit course.

Why register for an Articulated College Credit course?

Each college credit earned in high school is less money you'll have to pay for college. For example, Personal Finance is worth three articulated college credits. At St. Cloud Technical & Community College, that will save you $515.00!

Is taking an Articulated College Credit class more work?

Each high school instructor is required to follow guidelines from the college professors. Since they are college-level courses, you may notice an increase in the intensity. However, you will continue to receive the great, hands-on instruction that you've come to love from Kimball High School teachers.

Where can I find more information?

Visit: http://ctecreditmn.com