Live Stream for Fans

We live stream all our home contests (JV & Varsity) that take place in the Wirth Gym or on the football field. The cost is around $10 per month which is just a little more than one adult ticket price per game. You can also buy a yearly pass. 
Note* Pixelott is only in our Wirth gym, so any games in the North gym will not be broadcast. 
We can also live stream any school event in the Wirth gym (other than our main sports) and those events are free. Band concerts, graduation, etc. 
When you sign up for Pixelot, if we are on the road and they have Pixelot, you get those games for no further cost. Example: Eden Valley-Watkins has Pixelot you can watch Kimball at EVW. 

Here is the address to sign up: