Joe Beckman - Mental Health Day

The Kimball Area Public School District invited Joe Beckman, a professional speaker, to the elementary and high school on Oct. 10. Beckman spoke to all students, K-12, during the school day. That evening the district hosted a community event with a free meal, another one-hour presentation, and multiple resource tables available for families and community members. Over 100 people, including 47 family units, attended the evening event.

Kimball Schools Resource Officer Brian Theisen shows community members drug paraphernalia that may be Hidden In Plain Sight in a teen bedroom. 

A native of Minnesota and graduate of nearby Saint John’s University, Beckman tailored his message throughout the day for each age group, keeping the theme of mental health at the forefront. A lasting phrase that Beckman left with all individuals was, "I love your face."

Kimball Area High School principal, Nancy Bonnifield, with 6th grade student Sophia Voigt showcasing their new "I Love Your Face" t-shirts.

Beckman’s message for parents included statistics about the rise of mental health issues in children aligning with the rise in the use of technology, specifically social media. He encouraged parents to set boundaries for their children and to prioritize making personal connections with their children away from technology. 

"Human connection matters."

Joe Beckman on stage at the Cafetorium - Human Connection Matters.

The day-long event was made possible by community donors, including: Meeker County Human Services, Kimball Area Chamber, City of Kimball, Parents In Education (P.I.E.), Kimball Lions Club, Schiefelbein Feeders and Kimball Schools.

Each family who attended the evening event received a folder with professional resources on how to deal with mental health issues and concerns. 

 Thank you Joe Beckman for a great day in Kimball on Oct. 10. Be a difference maker!